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"ROLAKE MI OWON" – A Yoruba phrase that lovingly translates to 'MY DEAR ROLAKE,' evoking the same warmth and affection as a heartfelt letter to a cherished lover. This tunic, a captivating addition to our A HAPPI PLACE 2023 collection, draws its inspiration from the deep emotions and unwavering hope that bind lovers separated by the ravages of war.

When a man is drafted into the army, compelled to fight for a cause beyond his control, his beloved 'Rolake,' the mother of his children, is left in a realm of agonizing uncertainty. With each farewell, she faces the haunting specter of not knowing if it's the last time she'll see her beloved.

This tunic pays tribute to the poignant exchange of letters between separated lovers during the Nigerian Civil War of '67 and preceding world wars. It all begins with this tender phrase, spoken in various languages, reigniting a fading hope in the hearts of all the Rolakes who silently pray for the safe return of their partners and husbands.

This design serves as both an ode and a SANKOFA admonition, urging us to 'Look at the past to inform the future.' It stands as a stark reminder that no beauty or gain emerges from conflicts; wars waged in distant lands can never fully restore what is lost.

Crafted from a blend of premium silk, wool, cashmere, leatherette, and cotton, this piece serves as a visual representation of the disarray faced by civilians conscripted into wars not of their making.

Please Note: The camouflage colors on the pocket may vary, as they are subject to availability, considering the challenges of procuring this fabric in Nigeria due to security concerns.

For the best care, we recommend dry cleaning and ironing on the reverse side to preserve the beauty and longevity of this exceptional piece."


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