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Egyptian Scarab 18KT Gold plated cufflinks

Egyptian Scarab 18KT Gold plated cufflinks

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The Scarab Beetle – a symbol deeply rooted in ancient Egyptian art and culture, revered as a personal and administrative seal, commemorating the grand achievements of royalty. Our interpretation of the scarab beetle goes beyond history, embodying the spirit of the visionary and their relentless pursuit, even when the path ahead seems unclear.

Our Scarab Beetle piece exemplifies the pinnacle of craftsmanship, featuring intricate details and crafted with precision. Each piece is meticulously constructed and glistens with an opulent 18kt gold-plated finish.

At DEJI ENIOLA, we celebrate the spirit of perseverance, and our Scarab Beetle is a testament to the enduring journey of visionaries who never stop pushing forward. Discover this exquisite piece that encapsulates timeless elegance and determination."

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